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9th International Conference on

Addiction Psychiatry & Mental Health

Theme: Scoping out Novel Innovations & Methodologies in Addiction Psychiatry

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Rome , Italy

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Mara Fantinati

Director of Therapeutic Project, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Sexologist, EMDR Consultant

Tracks & Key Topics

Addiction Psychiatry 2019

About Conference

Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Addiction

Addiction can be defined as the habit or situation or chronic condition which involves the repetition of a certain activity or convulsive taking of narcotic drug. Addictive drugs can stimulate pleasure and motivation pathways in the brain much more strongly than natural rewards, which fool the brain into prioritizing drug-taking over normal, healthy activities due to repeated exposure. Absent of these addictive drug make person look numb or abnormal both physically and mentally. 

Being addictive also involve many legal and illegal drugs, gambling, sex, phone usage, social media and other impulses control. Addiction always results into violence killing, robbery, raping, stealing relationship breakage, family problems and death in the society. 

Track 2: Addiction Psychiatry and Mental Health

Addiction is a primary, chronic disorder of brain which reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these areas leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in one’s pathologically pursuing reward or relief by substance use and other behaviors. Addiction is characterized by inability to continuously maintain, impairment in behavioral control, craving, lack recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and causes interpersonal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response. Like other chronic disorder, addiction always involves cycles of relapse and re admission. If addiction is not treating early it may result to other diseases and premature death of an individual.

Mental health may have different meaning to different people. Person may think of control, happiness, contentment, order – but good mental health is often a sign of a positive way of living. Whereby mental ill health is the opposite of this, which causes problems and creates barriers to being happy in society. 

Track 3: Addiction Therapy

For many people, the first step toward recovery or treatment is to acknowledging their personal struggle with substance used or dependence. The next step is finding a solution to treatment program that can help restore individual overall health, well-being and happiness both physically and mentally.

There are numerous treatment options that a person can choose. For people with chronic forms of addiction enter a detoxification program before transitioning into rehabilitation center. Some may begin their recovery at an inpatient or outpatient facility. After treatment, person recommended to counseling and continues therapy sessions.   

Track 4: Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a complex brain disease that requires serious treatment of the mind, body, and spirit. It is considered as a brain disease because drugs change the brain structure and how it work. Addiction is a chronic disorder that is characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive and difficult to control despite harmful impact. The recent decision to take drugs is voluntary for most people, but repeating of these drugs can lead to addiction or drug dependence that challenge an addicted person’s self-control and make them enable to resist intense urges to take drugs. These brain changes can be continuous, which is why drug addiction is considered as relapsing disease—people in recovery from drug use disorders are always at increased risk for returning to drug use even after years of stopping the drug.

Track 6: Psychopharmacology

Psychopharmacology is the branch of scientific deal with the study of the effects drugs have on mood, sensation, thinking, and behavior. It is different from neuropsychopharmacology, which deal with the correlation between drugs induced changes in the function of cells in the nervous system and changes in consciousness and behavior of an individual. It is also the study of the use of medications in treating mental diseases.

The use of drugs to alleviate the symptoms of mental diseased make psychoactive drugs, especially antipsychotics and antidepressants drugs which is among the most widely prescribed drugs today. Much debate surrounds the use of stimulants agents to treat attention that deficit problems and the side effects of antidepressants drugs, especially for children. 

Track 7: Alcoholism and Addiction

Addiction is a chronic brain disease that involving complex physiological process that inherent physiologic characteristics influence how individuals response to substance or drugs abuse and individual vulnerable to addictions. Scientists have educated a great deal about the biochemical, cellular, and molecular root of addiction molecular roots and it is clear that addiction is a disease of the brain in an individual. Most commonly abused drugs increases the synaptic concentration of dopamine. Of these, opiates, cocaine, amphetamine, codeine, morphine, ethyl alcohol, nicotine and other impulse stimulators have been most studied. Each of these drugs works differently but all have the same effect of increasing the amount of dopamine available which is binding with dopamine receptors in the noradrenaline (NA).

Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism, is a disease that affects people of all age of life. Experts have tried to reveal the factors like genetics, sex, race, or socioeconomics that may predispose someone to alcohol addiction. But it has no cause. Psychological, genetic, and behavioral factors can all contribute to having the disorder.

Track 8: Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a general term for several brain disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying. These disorders affect how individual feel and behave which can cause physical symptoms. Anxiety disorders are often connected to depression.

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a continues feeling of sadness and loss of interest. it affects how individual feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems  As the result of drug addiction, The damaging impacts of drugs can create dysfunctional behavior in ways that can be hard to recognize from emotional disorder. 

Track 9: Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse

Children and adolescents is an intermediate state of physical and physiological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. Substance use generally was higher among child wellbeing, which involved adults than community youths for lifetime marijuana use, lifetime and current inhalant use, and lifetime and current other narcotic drug use. Among both child wellbeing involved and community youths, wrongdoing was the factor most strongly associated with all lifetime substance use results. Notably, parental guide were important protective factors against current substance use among child wellbeing, by poorer emotional health is the strongest indication of current substance use drugs.

Track 10: Addiction Nursing

Addiction nurse specializes in the treatment of person addicted to drugs, alcohol or other substances. Addiction nurses are trained in mental health course in addition to general medicine. They provide pain management, counseling for patients and caretaker about the dangers of substance abuse and emotional support to patients in condition Addiction nurses are registered nurses who unique specialized in pain management, as well as psychological. These nurses are there to support patients undergoing medication for drug or alcohol rehab and also to teach them about why it’s important for them to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. Throughout treatment, these nurses will keep on monitor the pain levels, medication dosages, mental, physical symptoms and patient improvement.

They also regulate and monitor patient treatments as well as administer medicine given during the rehab process. They may talk with addicted person as well as their families about helpful programs or counseling that can help in escaping addiction. Addiction nurses may also give counseling to youths on the dangers of drugs abuse, alcohol and addiction. They will provide support, both emotionally and physically for patients undergoing medication for addiction.  

Track 11: Behavioral Addiction

It is a type of addiction that involves a compulsion to engage in a rewarding non drug related behavior at times called a natural reward. Behavioral addiction can occur with all the negative impact in a person’s life without the physical issues faced by person who compulsively engage in drug and alcohol abuse. It is the state of compulsive nature of the behavior that is often indicative of a behavioral addiction, or process addiction, in person in community. 

Track 12: Addiction Medication

Medications and devices can help reduce withdrawal from drug addiction symptoms during detoxification. Detoxification is not in itself as treatment, but only the beginning of the process. Person who do not receive any further treatment after detoxification usually resume their drug abuse habits. Medications are available for treatment of heroin and other prescribes pain relievers, nicotine and alcohol addiction. Scientists are developing other medications to treat stimulant such cocaine, methamphetamine and cannabis addiction. Person who use more than one drug, which is very common need treatment for all of the substances they use.

Track 13: Addiction Rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation is the process of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on psychoactive drugs such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin or amphetamines. The general objective is to enable the patient to confront substance abuse, if present, and to stop the substance abuse to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that can be caused by drug abuse or narcotic drug, especially by extreme abuse. Treatment includes medication for depression and anxiety or other disorders of the brain, counseling by experts and sharing of experience with other people. At the rehab center, several medications may take part to assure the recovery of the patient these include detoxification, diagnosis, cognitive therapy family counseling etc.

Track 14: Addiction Medicine

Even as a drug addiction or alcohol addiction threatens to rewrite an individual life, treatment options exist that can address the damage done and help the person to achieve normal health and balance piece of mind. Many research has been done over the last few decades on addiction and brain function. Cravings was found to be part of the ongoing cycle of addiction. Therefore through the research, scientists have discovered that specific drugs can block cravings for drugs or alcohol or can block the affect substance use. 

Detoxifications one of the process through which the withdrawal symptoms of a particular type of drug or substance use are managed as the toxins from the drug are removed from the body excretion. However, this process of removing the drug from the body will also be accompanied by cravings in some cases physical, psychological and emotional of the individual. A number of stimulants can set off a craving response in the brain. These drugs seem to work by blocking the receptors associated with cues that set off relapse. But some cues are not affected by the blocking of these reward receptors.

Track 15: Trauma and PTSD

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, accident, scary, or dangerous event or failure to recover after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. It is sometime natural to feel afraid during and after a traumatic condition. Fear or being afraid triggers many split second changes in the body to help defend against danger or to avoid danger. This fight or flight response is a typical type reaction that often protect a person from harm danger. Almost everyone will experience such reactions after trauma, but most people often recover from early symptoms naturally. Those who may continue to experience such problems may be diagnosed with (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) PTSD. Person who has PTSD may feel stressed or frightened even although they are not in danger any harm situation.

Track 16: Brain and Addiction

The human brain is made up of several parts that all work as a team. Each of them have different parts and has a specific and important job to do. When drugs or substance use enter the brain, they will interfere with its normal function and can eventually cause changes in how well brain works. With time, drug or narcotic use may lead to addiction, a devastating brain disorder in which person can’t stop using drugs or becomes drug dependence even when they really want to and even after it causes negative consequences to their health and to their communities and other parts of their lives

Brain is in charge of all the functions in human body needs to stay alive, breathing, moving blood, digesting food, our emotional responses, such as feeling pleasure when person eat chocolate. While the good feelings motivate us to repeat the behavior, which is good because eating is importance to our lives. brain is also link with individual spinal cord, which runs down the back for the movement of  muscles and limbs as well as it lets the brain know what’s happening to the body.

Track 17: Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnoses occur when someone has both a mental disorder and an alcohol dependence or drug addicted. These conditions occur together frequently Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders is a term for someone who practices a mental disorders because of indulge drinking, smoking or the person abusing heroin and other drugs during periods of mania. Alcohol and drug abuse be likely to occur with depression, anxiety disorders, schizophreniapersonality disorders, etc. The signs of substance abuse include: sudden changes in behavior, withdrawal from friends and family, loss of control over use of materials, develop in tolerance and removal symptoms. The consequences can be numerous and harsh. Persons with co-occurring of such mental health situation and substance use diseases affect almost 8.9 million Americans each year. Out of those only 7.4% receive appropriate treatment, with the large majority bounced among treatment systems with different and opposing treatment. There are only drug treatment centers specialize in treating complex co-occurring disorders. But researchers are still  continues to reveal that people with co-occurring disorders need a specialized care and form of treatment, which is  referred to as integrated services or dual diagnosis treatment.

Track 18: Yoga and Addiction Recovery

There are so many ways yoga can supported people specific to recovery from addiction to alcohol, food, cigarettes, and drugs, it would require specific books and practice daily.

Addiction is based on individual overwhelming urge to either promote or inhibit certain sensations which are felt as physical reactions. Yoga practice teaches person to be present and not avoid feelings or emotions that arise. In your physical yoga practice, when you commit to a pose, you are asked to remain present in usual uncomfortable sensations your mind and body. Therefore learning how to control or remain present and working through the discomfort of addictive drugs or behaviors can help person to break free of addiction.

Track 19: Forensic and Addiction Psychiatry

Forensic and addiction psychiatry are both deals with human behavior; forensics addresses the legal consequences of behavior, and addiction psychiatry studies and treats those causes of behavior resulting from the consumption of substances of abuse or addicted drugs. These approaches act differently, but each can learn from one other. Clinical differences are that medical thinking is not the same as that of the forensic medical thinking. There are many several the addiction psychiatrist can be of assist to the legal system in civil, criminal, and administrative parameters. This addiction psychiatrist will benefit from a basic understanding of legal procedure and terminology as well as how he fits into the society legal system and an awareness of what he has to offer in the community. Issues considered include the necessity for pledge information will and contract challenges, custody matters, malpractice allegations, dram shop cases, and administrative or licensing issues.  

Market Analysis


Addiction psychiatry aims to treat people with addiction topics along with co-occurring psychiatric disorders, otherwise known as patients with identification. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency estimates that over 23 million Americans (age 12 and older) are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimated the market for addiction cure at about $35 billion for 2014.Since 2006, private equity firms have invested more than $2.2 billion in substance abuse treatment companies.

This report shows the top-level overview of the drug occurrence in Italy, covering drug supply, use and public health problems as well as drug policy and responses.


Methamphetamine (Meth) is a powerfully addictive stimulant that dramatically affects the central nervous system which is also known as “speed,” “meth,” and “chalk”. In its smoked form, it is often introduced as “ice,” “crystal,” “cranks,” and “glass.”

May be the most alarming takeaway from the 2017 Drug Survey comes from its data on methamphetamine usage. This drug is more threatening than any others in the view because on average, 4.8 percent of users required emergency medical attention after use. The require for emergency treatment after meth use is much higher in certain countries, including the United States and Canada, where the percentages of users who seek medical attention are 6.1 and 8.3, respectively.


In  2016 report more than 20,000 pregnant women appeared abusing pain medications or heroin. Submission  to  long term opioids during gestation can effect  in addiction and new born withdrawal after birth.

Opposed the yearly cost of prescription opioid abuse of $78.5 billion, this allocation is a little  step forward. More than two million Americans have opioid use disorder. Access to treatment and recovery services is limited, and 90 percent of addicted persons  do not receive treatment.


Patient detox scope from $1,000 to $1,500 in total. Majority inpatient rehabs have  detox in the price of a program. The  same  price of detox depends on whether it’s part of an persistent  program and the type of drug addiction being stored.  Substances with dangerous detox adverse effects require more careful observing, making the price higher.


The international tobacco (nicotine) market area is believe to achieve  USD 694.47 billion by 2021, according to  new survey  by Grand View Research, Inc., revealed  a 2.8% CAGR from 2016 to 2021. For the purpose of this study, Grand View Research has segmented the global tobacco market report based on variety and region.


In the market over 742 million people and total healthcare spend of €2.3t, Europe is the largest medical cannabis market in the world.2017 saw a crucial change in europe understands of cannabis. The European drug cannabis market could be worth €55b once all markets have  execute  legislation and market infrastructure. We estimate that this will likely be completed by 2023. Cannabis accounts for the lion’s share of the €40b+ illegal drug market in 2018. By 2028, we  judge  that  the European recreational cannabis market could  be worth €60b


The international  legal marijuana  market area is valued at USD 9.3 billion in 2016 and is supposed  to exhibit a CAGR of 34.6% during the forecast period.

In North America, it has been report that currently about 70-75% of cannabis trade is illegal, which has decreased  nearly 30.0% in states where marijuana has been legalized. This in turn has prompted to several countries to implement legalization programs.


Cocaine is the second  most  favoured  illegal recreational drug in Europe (behind cannabis). From  the mid-1990s, overall cocaine use  in Europe has been on the top , but consumption  rates and attitudes tend to differ in between countries

According to a 2016 United Nations report, England and Wales are the countries with the highest rate of cocaine usage (2.4% of adults in the previous year). Other countries where the usage rate meets or exceeds 1.5% are Spain and Scotland (2.2%), the United States (2.1%), Australia (2.1%), Uruguay (1.8%), Brazil (1.75%), Chile (1.73%), the Netherlands (1.5%) and Ireland (1.5%).

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Sri Ganesh Psychiatry Clinic | Psychiatry Conferences Australia | Songkhla Rajanagarindra Phsychiatric Hospital | Sir Cowasji Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry | Satyadhar dwivedi Marital Problem and OCD| Addiction Psychiatry Conferences | Reach Psychiatry | My Choices, Golconda| Neuroscience Conferences | Mind care Neuro-Psychiatry Research Center | Clinical Psychiatry Japan | Forensic Psychiatry Conferences | Mind Pro Psychological Medicine Centre | Psychiatry Conferences Canada | Mind Plus | Psychiatry Conferences Japan | Medico Pastoral Association - Half-way Home, Long Term Rehabilitation Care centre | Neuroscience Conferences | Emergency Services, Institute of Mental Health | Addiction Psychiatry Conferences | Dr.Keyur D Panchal | Dr. Amino Gondohutomo Regional Psychiatric Hospital| Forensic Psychiatry Conferences | Dr Ashish Mittal | Confidence Clinic, Dr Ashish Mittal, MD Psychiatry (AIIMS) | Psychiatry Conferences Europe | Columbia Asia Referral Hospital| Neurology Conferences | Columbia Asia Hospital - Salt Lake | Columbia Asia Hospital – Ahmedabad | Clinical Psychiatry Japan | Columbia Asia Hospital Pune | Columbia Asia Hospital – Patiala | Cadabam's Mind Talk | Athma Shakti Vidyalaya Society| Psychiatry Conferences Germany | Asian Institute of Medical Sciences | Psychiatry Conferences Japan | Asha Hospital | Addiction Psychiatry Conferences | Aichiken Mental Health Center | Neuroscience Conferences

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Psychiatry Conferences Japan | Psychiatry Conferences Germany | Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital | Addiction Psychiatry Conferences | We Do Recover - South Africa's Best Alcohol Rehab, Addiction & Mental Health Treatment | Clinical Psychiatry Japan | Psychiatry Conferences Europe | Valkenberg Hospital | Twin Rivers Rehab Addiction Disorders Centre-South Africa| Addiction Psychiatry Conferences | St Mark's Clinic | SA Federation for Mental Health| Psychiatry Conferences Canada | Oasis Africa| Life St Joseph's Psychiatric Hospital| Forensic Psychiatry Conferences | Life Glynnview Private Hospital (Psychiatric)| Neuroscience Conferences | Life Bay View Private Hospital - Mental Health | Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital | Community Mental Health and PsychiatrY | Clinical Psychiatry Japan | Neuropsychiatry Conferences | Alexandra Hospital | Depression Conferences Psychiatry Conferences Europe | Africa Mental Health Foundation | Psychiatry Conferences Japan

Psychiatry jobs in Europe:

Addiction Psychiatry Conferences | Clinical or Forensic Psychologists  Devon Partnership NHS Trust | Forensic Psychiatry Conferences | Clinical Psychiatry Japan | Psychiatry Conferences Germany | Clinical Practitioner London Borough of Barnet | Neuroscience Conferences | Clinical Psychologist in Aurora St Christopher's School |Clinical Psychologist Solace Women's Aid  | Depression Conferences Clinical/ Practitioner Psychologist Orchard House Family Assessment Centre | Clinical Psychiatry Japan | Psychiatry Conferences Canada | Neuropsychiatry Conferences | Psychiatry Conferences Germany | Educational Psychologist in LONDON BOROUGH OF HILLINGDON| Psychiatry Conferences USA | Freelance Editors - Physical Sciences, Medicine, Life Sciences, Psychology | Graduate Assessment Consultant | Human Factors Specialist (major hazards) Health and Safety Executive (HSE)  Forensic Psychiatry Conferences | | Human Performance Director Mandara| Psychiatry Conferences USA | Psychiatry Conferences Japan | Forensic Psychology Conferences | Psychiatry Conferences Germany | Junior Assistant Psychologist Lexxic Ltd | Lead Psychologist in CAPITAL CITY ACADEMY | Neuroscience Conferences | Learning Support Assistant - Personal Care | Neuropsychiatry Conferences Psychiatry Conferences Europe | London Local Authorities looking for Newly Qualified Eps | Psychiatry Conferences Canada | Principal Educational Psychologist in Buckinghamshire Country Council | Psychiatry Conferences USA | Depression Conferences } Forensic Psychology Conferences Neuroscience Conferences | Professor of Psychology (Community or Health) (one role with responsibilities as Head of Department)  Manchester Metropolitan University | Neuropsychiatry Conferences

Psychiatry jobs in USA:

Clinical Psychiatry Japan | Assistant Professor in University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee| Psychiatry Conferences USA | Assistant Professor University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) | Depression Conferences Psychiatry Conferences Germany | Assistant Professor-Interdisciplinary Cognitive Science/Computational Cognition-Department of Psychology | Clinical Psychiatry Japan | Forensic Psychology Conferences | Faculty Appointment – Psychopharmacology | Faculty Positions - Cellular Neuroscience | Psychiatry Conferences USA | Psychiatry Conferences Germany | Faculty Positions - Systems Neuroscience Yale University| Neuropsychiatry Conferences | Neuroscience Conferences | Faculty Positions at Florida Gulf Coast University- Fort Myers, FL | Psychiatry Conferences Canada Psychiatry Conferences Canada Psychiatry Conferences Canada | Psychiatry Conferences Europe | Freelance Editors - Physical Sciences, Medicine, Life Sciences, Psychology in Cactus Communications | Lecturer in Discipline Washington University in St Louis - School of Medicine | Princeton Neuroscience Institute Intensive Summer School 2018 | PROJECT SCIENTIST, STEP I to VI – ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | Psychiatry Conferences USA | Tenure Track - Basic a/o Translational Research Interests in Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychiatry | Forensic Psychology Conferences | Tenure Track - With Research Interests in the Gut Microbiome and Psychiatric Illnesses a/o Behaviour| Psychiatry Conferences Canada | Neuroscience Conferences | Tenure Track positions in STEM ed/DBER research: Cognitive Psychology, Organic Chemistry Education | Depression Conferences Neuropsychiatry Conferences Neuroscience Conferences | Tenure-track: Collaborative research for revolutionary neuroscience discoveries Iowa Neuroscience Institute at University of Iowa | Psychiatry Conferences Germany | Forensic Psychology Conferences

Psychiatry jobs in Asia:

Clinical Psychiatry Japan | Assistant Professor in Psychology in QATAR UNIVERSITY| Psychiatry Conferences USA | Assistant Research Officer at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention | Depression Conferences | Assistant/ Associate/ Full Professor in Social Sciences | Psychiatry Conferences Canada | Cheeloo College of Medicine (CCOM), Shandong University Recruits Outstanding Talents | Clinical Medicine, Qingdao University | Psychiatry Conferences Germany | Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Guidance and Counselling in JAMES COOK UNIVERSITY | Psychiatry Conferences UK | Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Psychology in JAMES COOK UNIVERSITY| Forensic Psychology Conferences | Post-doctoral Fellow in the Community Action & Research Lab THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG | Psychiatry Conferences USA | Neuropsychiatry Conferences | Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG | Psychiatry Conferences UK | Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor in Psychology ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY| Depression Conferences Forensic Psychology Conferences | Psychiatry Conferences Europe | Tenure-Track Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Educational/School Psychology THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG | Psychiatry Conferences UK | Neuropsychiatry Conferences

Psychiatry jobs in Africa:

Psychiatry Conferences Canada | Clinical Psychologist, Rose Clinic | Psychiatry Conferences USA | Disability Claims Assessor, DAV Professional Placement Group | Educational Psychologist Nova Pioneer| Psychiatry Conferences UK | Human Resources Development Specialist in Greenpeace Africa | Independed Treatment Professionals, | Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor in University of the Free State | OD Consultant – Psychometrist  Bridgena Barnard Personnel Group | Forensic Psychology Conferences | OD Consultant, Afrizan Personnel | Psychiatry Conferences USA | Forensic Psychology Conferences | Organisation Development Consultant, Investec | Psychiatry Conferences Germany | Organisational Developmant  Consultant/Registered Psychometrics, Recru-IT| Positive Psychology Conferences | Qualified Educational Psychologist, The Kenmont School | Psychiatry Conferences Europe | Support Services Counselor, AIDS Healthcare Foundation | Positive Psychology Conferences | Psychiatry Conferences UK | Psychiatry Conferences Canada | Treatment Professionals, Candid Colours | Forensic Psychiatry Conferences Psychiatry Conferences Europe | 

Psychiatry Journals:

Positive Psychology Conferences | Annual Review of Psychology  | Asian Journal of Social Psychology | Psychiatry Conferences Canada | Archives of Scientific Psychology| Psychiatry Conferences Middle East | Current Directions in Psychological Science | Forensic Psychology Conferences | Couple and Family Psychology | Depression and Anxiety | Positive Psychology Conferences Psychiatry Conferences Europe | European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology| Neuropsychiatry Conference Forensic Psychiatry Conferences | Evolutionary Psychology | Psychiatry Conferences UK | Psychiatry Conferences Middle East | Industrial and Organizational Psychology| Neuropsychiatry Conferences | The International Journal of Psychoanalysis|  Forensic Psychiatry Conferences International Journal of Psychology | Positive Psychology Conferences | Journal of Experimental Psychology | Journal of Health Psychology| Forensic Psychiatry Conferences | Neuropsychiatry Conferences | The Journal of Psychology | Psychological Bulletin | Psychiatry Conferences Middle East | Psychological Medicine | Psychological Review | British Journal of Clinical Psychology | Clinical Psychiatry Conferences | Psychiatry Conferences UK | Forensic Psychiatry Conferences | British Journal of Psychology| Neuropsychiatry Conferences | Neuropsychiatry Conferences | British Journal of Developmental Psychology | Clinical Psychiatry Conferences



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