Addiction and Youth

The present days in several cities, addiction and youth could be a major conceive to be examined. It focuses on the perceptions of the substance abusers, the causes for his or her addiction to medicine, smoking, and alcohol; the role of their families, friends and social atmosphere and also the law imposing agencies in spreading this hazard. The study has taken two hundred youth by following snowball sampling methodology. The youth of the affluent and also the middle-classes ar in abundance within the town. As they need access to material comforts, most of them attempt to lead the excessive and trendy life that later on offers them a large sort of things to experiment with. during this method, they style the joys of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs- only for a modification however sadly, they're caught within the vicious circle of addiction to harmful substances and abuse. the foremost common reason for adolescents to be attracted towards medicine, alcohol, etc. is peer pressure.