Consultation - Liaison Psychiatry

Liaison psychological medicine is additionally referred to as a consultatory psychological medicine that could be a branch of psychological medicine that specialises within the interface between a medicine and therefore the psychological medicine that is typically going down in an exceedingly hospital or in an exceedingly medical setting. Consultation-liaison (CL) psychological medicine refers to the talents and therefore the information that is used in evaluating and treating the emotional and behavioural conditions in patients WHO square measure referred from surgical settings.

The aims of liaison psychological medicine embrace the diagnosing and treatment of medical specialty disorders, hindrance of medical specialty morbidity, promotion of a positive perspective towards psychological medicine, promotion of a combined approach to mental and physical health, teaching, analysis and improved value effectiveness of service provision. Consultation-Liaison (C-L) Psychiatrists have experience within the diagnosing and treatment of medical specialty disorders in medically sick patients. The tracks related to Consultation-liaison psychological medicine square measure disorder, substance use disorders and suicide try or threat.