Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnoses occur when someone has both a mental disorder and an alcohol dependence or drug addicted. These conditions occur together frequently Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders is a term for someone who practices a mental disorders because of indulge drinking, smoking or the person abusing heroin and other drugs during periods of mania. Alcohol and drug abuse be likely to occur with depression, anxiety disorders, schizophreniapersonality disorders, etc. The signs of substance abuse include: sudden changes in behavior, withdrawal from friends and family, loss of control over use of materials, develop in tolerance and removal symptoms. The consequences can be numerous and harsh. Persons with co-occurring of such mental health situation and substance use diseases affect almost 8.9 million Americans each year. Out of those only 7.4% receive appropriate treatment, with the large majority bounced among treatment systems with different and opposing treatment. There are only drug treatment centers specialize in treating complex co-occurring disorders. But researchers are still  continues to reveal that people with co-occurring disorders need a specialized care and form of treatment, which is  referred to as integrated services or dual diagnosis treatment.